Architectural Review Committee
Q: What is the process required for renovations?
A: To access the Architectural Change Form, click here. Please ensure you include plans and/or documentation outlined in the form before uploading to the Seacrest Property Management website as per the instructions. If you have questions about the form, your renovations, or uploading the documentation, please contact:
Contact Seacrest Property Manager:
Nora Schweihs
239.261.3440 EXT. 143
Q: Where can I get an application form to request a modification to out unit?  
A: Click here for an online form you can fill in and submit.
     Click here for a downloadable PDF version.
Q: What constitutes a renovation that requires Board approval?  
A: All kitchen and bath remodels, structural, and soft surfaces to hard surfaces (carpet/tile, etc.) require Board approval.  

Q: Can the Kings Lake website be accessed using a mobile device?
A: The Kings Lake website can be viewed on all mobile platforms. Click Here for instructions on how to add a shortcut to your cell phone or mobile device home page.  
Q: Is it possible to send a message to the Board of Directors or Property Manager from the website?  
A: On the HOME page you will see listed under the "Frequently Used Feature" links to Send a Message to the Board and Send a Message to the Manager... When submitted the information is sent directly to the Board of Directors and Property Manager mail box. You will also get a confermation that the message was sent for you records.
Q: How do I submit a question regarding the club’s website (   
A: If you have a question regarding our club’s website, please send an email to:  

Kings Lake Master Operating Budget and Insurance Premiums
Q: How can I get a copy of the current approved budget.  
A: A copy of the approved budget can be found on the FINANCIAL section of the website.Click here to go to the FINANCIAL page.  

Landscape Issues
Q: How do I make a landscape planting/lighting/change request?  
A: All questions regarding our community landscape are to be referred to the property manager.  
Q: When do landscapers service the community?  
A: Scheduled maintenance is on ______.  

Pool and clubhouse
Q:  Are cigarettes, vape pens and e-cigarettes allowed at the pool?  
A: No  
Q: Are pets allowed at or in the pool??  
A: No  
Q: What is clubhouse Wi-Fi and password?Pool  
A: Username: ******,  Password: *****   
Q: What is the Clubhouse door code?  
A: ***** 
Q: What is the unisex bathroom door code?  
A: *****   
Q: Why are showers required before swimming?   
A: It is a State of Florida Health regulation code requirement, and it is critical for optimal performance of our pool equipment to have body oils and sunscreen showered off prior to swimming. There is a shower located within the pool area.   
Q: Are children allowed in the Clubhouse?   
A: Children under the age of 13 are not permitted within the Clubhouse unless supervised by an adult.   
Q: How can I reserve the clubhouse?   
Q: How are US Postal Service (USPS) and courier packages delivered to unit holders?   
A: Mailbox area at the Clubhouse: Package delivery notices are the PO Box keys left in your individual USPS box. The tag number on key is the PO Box number that your package was delivered. Regular mail is delivered by USPS into condo unit owner designated mailboxes.
Direct to Condo Unit: Package deliveries can be made directly to your unit. Instructions for delivery should be that (size depending), packages be left inside the front door lanai area. If a package is too large to be left in the lanai area, the unit holder must arrange for it to be taken inside the condo within 12 hours.  
Q: What are the hours of operation for pool?   
Q: What is the cleaning schedule for the pool? 
A: Pool is cleaned 3 times per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday   
Q: Are there any specific rules for the pool area?   
Q: What are the hours of operation for the Clubhouse?   
A: B  
Q: What are the hours of operation and rules for Clubhouse BBQ area?   

Condo Unit Renovations

Kings Lake  Community Services
Q: What is the name of trash company to set up service/get city garbage can receptacles?/strong  
Q: What is the club’s trash pickup schedule?   
Q: Who is our cable/internet provider and what do I do if it’s not working properly?   
AA:  If your cable or internet is not working, please contact Summit Broadband directly  
Q: Is there an Insect treatment schedule?  
Q: What is the emergency contact number and email if I see/need something addressed?   
A: For any security, fire, or medical emergencies, always call 911 immediately. For any emergency issues around Barrington Club such as flooding, burst pipes, parking violations, please call: Seacrest Management company emergency 24-hour service line at 239-261-3340  
Q: Is there a Hurricane preparedness process?   
A: Please click here to review our hurricane preparedness process.   
Q: Is there a process or instructions for living “seasonally” at Barrington Club?   
A: Please click here to review the Owner/Lease Operation checklist.   
Q: Where can I contact the Board and/or the Property Manager?   
A: Any question can be directed to the Board via email to or direct to our property manager: Seacrest Property Manager